To get GIF's to play on DCMedia, we need to use Sign Creator.

This can be downloaded from the DC Media website from the following link:

Once installed, open Sign Creator. The first thing we want to do is resize the work space. To do this go to Edit -> Properties. Here we can set the Height, Width and the duration of the GIF.

Once we set all the properties we can then import the GIF. To import a GIF we go to Inset -> Picture. Browse to the GIF and click Open.

Now we can resize the GIF and position it within our work space. Once this is done, we then save it as a .dsn file. Simple go File -> Save as, to save the file.

Now all you have to do is upload your .dsn file as an asset to DCMedia

Under the Content tab, select Upload Asset. Then Browse to your .dsn file and click Open to begin uploading your file.

Once that is done you then publish it to your playlist. Under the Publish tab, select Create Playlist if you haven't already created one. Then set the Name, Height and Width of the playlist.

Once done, hover the mouse over the the playlist and select the two arrow symbol to populate the playlist.

Then simply drag and drop the .dsn file into the timeline and click Save Changes and Approve.

Finally, assign the playlist to a player by hovering the mouse over the playlist and selecting the box with a tick then simply tick the players we wish to assign the playlist to.