In order to schedule content, firstly select/create a playlist and then manage it's assets.

Once you have setup the content you wish to display follow these steps:

Selecting (1) duration and playback will enable you to control the scheduling and management for that piece of content and bring up the prompt below.

Selecting (2) the schedule tab will allow you to setup content that must be scheduled.

If something is scheduled and in that tab, it will override/not play content that is setup in looped.

Selection (1) will allow you to control what days the content will be allowed to be played. By default this is everyday.

Selection (2) valid from will allow you to control what date and time range the content will be allowed to play.

*If date and time are independent is selected, this means it will play everyday but only between the time range.

If it is not selected, it will be allowed to play from the moment it is valid until the end.

Selection (3) allows this content to be permitted to play on certain players based on a tag system.

This will allow you to have a single playlist which can be applied to many players but have unique content for each player.