NEC Single Screen Setup

The following steps will need to be carried out on all Single screen NEC installs.

Upon first boot, if prompted:

The LAN POWER needs to be set to 'ON' (Figure 1)

The POWER SAVE needs to be set to 'DISABLE' (Figure 2)





Navigate to the tab PICTURE and under BACKLIGHT and change it accordingly (Figure 3)

Navigate to the tab MULTI-DSP and set under ID CONTROL

Auto ID to YES, and wait for the changes to take place. (Figure 4)




Navigate to the PROTECT tab

POWER SAVE is set to DISABLE (Figure 5)




Navigate to EXTERNAL CONTROL tab

IP ADDRESS SETTING, set it manually (Figure 6)

LAN POWER is set to ON (Figure 7)




Navigate to PRO 1 ADVANCED tab

OVERSCAN is set to OFF (Figure 8)




These are the steps required to setup the NEC screens for maximum throughput.