This guide will set out the basic steps requires to setup this panel ready for basic updating via a USB for simple content.

This would be suitable for setting up a single page directory board or static menu board that doesn't change regularly. 

Before beginning:

If you haven't already, complete the initial setup of the panel using this guide.

Step 1: 

Setup orientation

This is not the same option as during the initial setup.

If you are using the screen landscape, skip to step 5.

You will have already setup the orientation of the panel during initial setup, however if you wish to show portrait content you need to adjust another setting.

First ensure you are on this screen, if you are not already and instead see a signal input or "no signal" (ensure the screen is on) then press "Home" on the remote to bring up this screen.

Step 2: 

Press menu on your remote and go to the onscreen display sub-heading.

Step 3:

Open the rotation menu item

Step 4:

Choose "rotate content" and select portrait

Step 5:

Close the menu to return to the player home screen. Press "Home" if you end up on a no signal or input page.

Step 6:

Setup the on/off timer

You must setup the on/off timer from the player menu not the screen menu. If you are not already press "Home" on the remote to return.

Select the power timer option.

Step 7:

Setup your on and off timers as needed. 

Ensure when you choose the on timer you select "HDMI" as the source. 

Step 8:

Testing content.

On a blank USB drive with nothing else on the drive place a single JPEG image called 1.jpg on the USB.

Ensure the image is no larger than 1920x1080 (or 1080x1920 for portrait).

Go to the home screen, if the screen is on the magicinfo screensaver, press home again to return.

Once on the player home screen, select player. 

Once in the player option, then plug the USB drive

You will need to wait 2-3 minutes for the screen to start automatically playing, even though it will detect the USB immediately.