When adding digital signage to a network, it is easy as plug and play.

But on some instances these digital signage players need to be added to corporate networks.

Due to the infrastructure, connecting to a corporate networks may present various issues, so when proceeding to do so the following will need to be considered.

1. Most digital signage platforms use DHCP to assign network information (IP Addresses, DNS, subnet, default gateway) to the players.

    - Corporate networks usually have DHCP turned off by default to stop hot plugging into networks.

2. Remote access programs that we use to work on players / give remote assistance 

   -  Corporate networks usually block the ports that are used by these software

3. Usually computers that are connected to a corporate network are connected to a domain and are restricted by group policy

   - If these players are to become are part of the network then they will need to be configured to all the units to work appropriately

   - This would involve allowing certain settings such as the following to be included in the group policy

      - Auto login and auto logout on the players

      - Administrative privileges

      - Disabling forced screen savers

      - Disabling forced password change

      - Disabling forced windows updates

There maybe more issues to consider when working attaching digital signage to a corporate network, but these would be the most pressing issues that are faced.

If it is possible for all of the above issues to be addressed, then you can proceed to installing these units to your network.