1. You will need to record the network details of the player. Follow this guide to get the network settings of the player. Do not change any settings, just record what is there.

2. You need to record the content source url of the player. Select the content source setting in the main menu and record what is there.

3.With a pen, or similar object, hold down the reset button until the status light starts flashing orange. This may take 12 or more seconds. Release the reset button.

4. To enter the setup menu you will need to use the keyboard again and press the CTR ALT DEL buttons (like you would logging onto a PC).After a moment you will see the main menu screen again, this time highlight "Time setup" and press enter on your keyboard. 

5.Then highlight the timezone option and press enter on the keyboard

6.You'll then need to select your timezone. Scroll down to your timezone then press the space bar button so that the * appears in the brackets next to your timezone and then hit enter.

7. Then choose done, exit like last time by saving same as last time.

8. Go to the content source menu option and enter in the url you recorded before resetting the player.

9. Follow this guide to and set the network settings of the player to what you recorded before resetting the player.