Step 1: Turn on the player and plug in a USB keyboard. Press the alt, ctrl and delete keys on the keyboard simultaneously. A menu should appear on the connected screen. 

Step 2 IMPORTANT: Follow this guide and get the network information for the player. Be sure to take note of that information so that you can change the player's network settings back after the next steps.

Step 3: A menu should appear on the screen connected to the player. Navigate to the 'System Maintenance' option using the arrow keys, and press enter when it is highlighted. 

Step 4: Navigate to 'Load Factory Default', hit enter. On the prompt that appears, select yes and hit enter.


Step5: Navigate to done in the main menu by pressing the right arrow key, hit enter and select save changes. Reboot the player by disconnecting and then reconnecting the power.

Step 6: Once the player has rebooted, enter the onscreen menu again by pressing the alt, ctrl and delete keys on the keyboard simultaneously. 

Step 7: Update the network settings of the player to the settings recorded in step 2. See this guide.

Step 8: Navigate to the 'Time Setting' menu and press enter. 

Step 9: If the timezone is incorrect, navigate to the timezone option and press enter. 

Step 10: Navigate to the correct timezone and press the spacebar to select it. Press enter.

Step 11: If the time and date settings are incorrect (the format is YYYY-MM-DD), navigate to the 'Local Time' option and press enter.

Step 12: On the calender option page, press up to move the cursor to the selected date. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the correct date and then press enter.

Step 13: The next menu will be the time menu. Press the right key twice to navigate to the hour field. Change times using the up and down arrow keys and navigate between them using the left and right arrow keys. Press enter once the correct time is entered.

Step 14: Press right on the time settings menu and then enter to return to the main menu. Navigate to the 'content source' menu option and press enter.

Step 15: On the menu that appears press enter (the selected option should say 'Server URL'). In the next menu, type in the following: 

Step 16: Press enter to return to the previous menu. Press right (to done) then enter to return to the main menu. Press right (to done) and press enter. Select save changes and press enter.